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What is the best powder foundation? Chanel/Dior/mineral makeup?

I've got really sensitive acne prone skin that's both dry and oily (and pores too!) Can anyone recommend some powder or mineral foundations? I heard Chanel does good foundations, but does it contain talc? is it true that talc can cause clogged pores? please help!What is the best powder foundation? Chanel/Dior/mineral makeup?
For your skin type I would recommend Estee Lauder Doublewear - it's fabulous.What is the best powder foundation? Chanel/Dior/mineral makeup?
mineral makeup is the best - i have tried loads of different foundations, and found a website that you can order samples of the colours for 99p before you buy them. The foundation works really well for coverage, and i can wear it everyday withoout getting clogged pores - as it has zinc which heals the skin while you wear it. A long tie ago it was the recommended foundation on a program link - detox me - order from lilylolo
Chanel is great! All of their makeup is. But another great type of makeup is this foundation by Thierry Mugler, it's all natural, and it's 50% water and 50% minerals, so it helps your skin and it gives great coverage.

I use MAC's Mineralize Satinfinish SPF15 foundation. It's made of mostly minerals, and contains no oil. The powder that goes with it is Mineralize Satinfinish/Natural, it gives great coverage, it's natural, and it's good for sensitive skin.
Due to the fact that you have dry skin, stay away from powders. They can make your face look dryer and cakey. Try something like Clinique Almost Make-up. It is a thick liquid foundation that is light and can be built up to a more heavy foundation. Clinique is allergy tested and will not break out skin. Most foundations contain talc which many people with sensitive skin have a reaction to. Although many people swear by MAC cosmetics, their foundations always break my skin out - and they aren't worth the price (in my opinion.) When you buy Chanel and Dior, you are paying for the name - and not the product. Bare Minerals is a very nice mineral make-up and it will not clog your pores, but because it is a may make your dry skin look patchy and flakey. If you go to Sephora, ask for some samples - they will most likely be able to give you some Bare Minerals to try out.
Chanel or Dior foundations are RUBBISH. I bought a DIOR foundation hoping it'd be brilliant, but it was awful! Don't recommend it at all!

Foundation will give you more acne, so i suggest just using facial products. Get a

Neutrogena scrub

Neutrogena cleanser


and a neutrogena moisturiser

neutrogena is amazing, and within 2 weeks your skin should feel much better
i have very sensitive oily skin too- ive tried alot- mineral foundation is actually supposedly rele bad for sensitive skin, because the natural ingredients can irritate our sensitive skin- the only mineral makeup that rele works for my skin is pur minerals 4-in-1 pressed mineral foundation- i get many compliments on how flawless, smooth and even my skin looks everyday-its long lasting too and it handles my oily t zone- my skin hasn't broken out from this makeup too- another brand i rele recommend is clinique-anything from them seriously-their products are great for sensitive skin- maybe their clarifying powder makeup will be good for you and your oily acne prone skin- but it may be over drying-or their almost powder makeup spf- but it may give your skin a dewy effect- seriously jut try pur minerals- it has amazing coverage- its the best powder ie ever tried in my entire life and trust me ive tried alot;p it has spf 15, its 4 in 1 b.c its your foundation, concealer, and finishing powder + spf in one! i still wear concealer tho b4 i apply it, and primer- but alot of ppl have asked me what or if ive been using anything on my skin- u have to try it!!! or at least look into it-if so email me and tell me how it is, id like to kno how its works for you lol

hope this helps=)
sorry but i dont like dior or chanel .. people mostly just buy their makeup products because of the name but the actual product isn't that good and people won't even know what brand its from bcus its not like your guna have dior written on your face so out of your options i would choose mineral .. but you should try brands like estee lauder, sisley,l'oreal etc... =] sorry that probs wasnt the answer you were looking for but just my opinion .. hope it helped =]
liquid isnt good for acne prone skin so its good that u are looking for a poqder....i would suggest Bare Minerals....its really good and goes on so lite like a veil and doesnt cause u to break out at all!! it looks really natural but flawless, too....Clarinsis also good....they both use natural products and both r DEFINITELY worth the price!! u dont wanna mess around with cheap brands especially with foundation...they will just clog your pores even more.....good luck!!

It's really good, I've been using it for 3 months now and i'ts so much better for your skin than any other normal brand. Try out different mineral makeups or go into a department store and see what they suggest would be good for your skin type.
i have your skin type too

i love Bare Escentuals mineral foundation, it's $60 at Sephora for the starter kit

but Urban Decay Surreal Skin mineral foundation is really good too, %26amp; it's about $30 at Sephora

i'm sure non of these contain talc
i love mineral makeup, specifically bare minerals. i've been using it for years. i had to use liquid foundation once and really felt how heavy it was on my face. the mineral makeup is light weight and has good coverage.
i use Dinair Airbrush Makeup and its amazing!! it makes my skin look flawless and natural at the same time..its really cool. Its all water based so its not bad for your skin. you can look at all their pics and stuff if u just google Dinair...hope i helped.
I would suggest Cover fx mineral foundations. they are gr8, cover up better than any liquid. I have found for the most part chanel and dior foundations do not have good color ranges and the product itself sux.
philosophy has good foundations easy to put on and the brand is also a sin cleaner brand so it should be good for your acne and not irritate it.

hope i helped

MAC Studio Fix. thnhey also have a mineral powder foundation range aswell =)
I've got a lovely dior one - diorsnow its called, but I'm told its not available to buy in the uk - drat it!
MAC studio fix for suuuure

its amazing.
the mineral makeup kit at channel stores
Mineral makeup. It's actually good for your skin, you don't even have to make it off at night because it does no harm.
try a foundation made by Clinique. I'm sure you'll find something that suits you from them.
i like Lancome. it is oil free and the liquid makeup last all day :)

My under-eye makeup (found., conc., powder) constantly creases & looks caked. How can I prevent this?

here s a good trick i always do wz my foundation ..

i mix some face moisturizer wz my foundation , and then apply it to my face so it wont be caked ..

it looks so natural ... try it wz ur concealer too ..

gd luck xxMy under-eye makeup (found., conc., powder) constantly creases %26amp; looks caked. How can I prevent this?
If you put the make up on straight after when you wake up in the morning then let your sleepy eyes wake up a little. This stops you putting on a whole bunch and making it thick. Also get a good quality foundation/conceler and I put the most foundation on first and then brush over with a powder foundation. But I think when you have some spare time, experiment a little with ways of putting it on.My under-eye makeup (found., conc., powder) constantly creases %26amp; looks caked. How can I prevent this?
You can try using a foundation primer before applying your makeup and make sure that your putting some under your eyes. That should help. Also try using a foundation that can work as concealer also because because concealer tends to crease under the eyes.
i think the best would be if you got it at a drug store then you might want to go to a professional make up brand like clique or bobbie brown but if you can only get drug store brand i would suggest mayblene (can't spell)

Pressing loose powder mineral makeup: what can i use to mix it with...?

besides alcohol (bad for the skin) . I know glycerine is anothr option, but would something like almond oil work (since i already have a huge bottle of it here)?? Or is that too oily??Pressing loose powder mineral makeup: what can i use to mix it with...?
Almond or olive oil would work and is good for the skin.Pressing loose powder mineral makeup: what can i use to mix it with...?
too oily definatly.. why do you want to mix it.?

Clinique's Almost Powder Makeup in neutral fair... Where can I buy this?

This new foundation from Clinique (Almost Powder Makeup in neutral fair - shade 02) seems to be out of stock averywere! I've tryed the internet, the high street... does anyone found this lately? I've been looking for the last 3 weeks without sucess...

Any help will be welcome. Thanks.Clinique's Almost Powder Makeup in neutral fair... Where can I buy this?
Debenhams?Clinique's Almost Powder Makeup in neutral fair... Where can I buy this?鈥?/a>
why not try harrods? try the website or call them- they post to everywhere in the world and not as expensive as everyone seems to think when they think of harrods!!
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  • What is the difference between all the powder makeups?

    What is the difference between all of the following...

    - Powder makeup

    - Pressed powder makeup

    - Loose finishing powder

    And what does each one do?What is the difference between all the powder makeups?
    Powder make up: coverage in the form of loose powder.

    Pressed powder make up : make up powder in a pressed block, this usually has more oil and emoilliants in it so isn't as good for oily skin as the powder make up.

    Loose finishing powder: is technically not make up as its not used to provide coverage but is dusted on to help your make up stay put.

    How do you keep powdered makeup from continuing to break off?

    A couple of days ago, I dropped my favorite (and very expensive) pressed powder foundation on the floor.. On the top corner, it crumbled, and much of the powder fell out.. Since then, everytime I open it, there is more chunks and crumbles that I have to throw out.. Is there anything that I can do to set the powder on that side so that it doesn't continue to break all the way down?How do you keep powdered makeup from continuing to break off?
    ok, here is what you do since it is going to continue crumbling. Mash it until it is all powder, and very fine. Buy a liquid foundation, apply, and then brush your loose powder on for a velvet look.How do you keep powdered makeup from continuing to break off?
    It is a common problem i guess i have been facing since i started using them. So u cant help it. Just prevent dropping it down.

    youre just going to have to chalk it up as a loss and a learning experience...sorry, i hate when that happens!!!
    You shouldn't have dropped it i n the first place.
    Good question, but really there is nothing that can be done, other than being extra careful.
    That has happened to me too and there is nothing you can do to stop it from breaking in the compact. Just put the remainder in a little jar(that has a lid), crush it up and use it as a loose powder OR just buy another compact.

    Whats the absolute best foundation POWDER makeup?!?

    im 15. My skin is pretty pale. I mostly want to hide dark circles under my eyes, light freckles and just minor imperfections.Whats the absolute best foundation POWDER makeup?!?
    ehmigawd bare mineralsWhats the absolute best foundation POWDER makeup?!?

    it is absolutely amazing and totally worth the investment!!!
    Mineral makeup is best, it's very natural, has awesome wear-ability, is non-cosmogenic, and is oil free, but please think twice before using Bare Minerals (aka Bare Escentuals) OR Sheer Cover! These products contain bismuth which is NOT a healthy mineral and NOT at all recommended for sensitive skin, it can aggrivate skin promlems further! It resembles arsenic!!! I used this makeup not knowing this fact and it caused me a very bad allergic reaction including intense itch, large blotchy patches of redness, and break outs! After that i looked into LAMinerals but didn't go with them since they put silk powder (killing the animals that make the silk) and other weird ingredients like magnesium, and calcium into their makeup... Common sense told me the more ingredients, the higher the risk of blocked pores, break outs, and allergic reactions...

    I then found this makeup and have been using it for 2 years now! It's wonderful! They have 17 foundation colors (way more then the competitors!) and 5 different finishing powders, choose the one for you skin type! Plus they have over 45 eye shadows! It really works well! Plus they are also MUCH cheaper then the 'big' name companies, and they're cruelty free and totally VEGAN (animal by-product free)!

    They offer free shipping to the Continental US!

    bare minerals by bare escentuals is the absolute best make-up i've found in many years. try it out for yourself at any ulta, sephora, macy's, or nordstrom store, to see, how you like it, before making a decision. it looks natural on my fair skin, most foundations look fake in the lighter tones.
    Bare Essentials is THE powder foundation. They have a product called Well Rested. It鈥檚 yellow tinted powder specifically designed hide the dark circles.

    My skin tone sounds simiar to yours. I caution you to use one of the BE allover face colors like Rose Radiance or Pure Radiance (my fav) on your cheeks. This stuff covers so well, I need to add a little color back to my face.
    bare minerals is da best
    Cover Girl true blend

    (many diffrent skin tones you can choose from)
    I use Phsician's Formula and it works very well. My mom uses Bare Minerals and she likes it, but it is rather pricy.
    I like sheer cover mineral conceiler and mineral makeup. It covers everything pretty well for me.